Salary Metrics made simple!

Seriatim s.a.s delivers Salary Intelligence and Governance Analytics services. We provide specialized software, can engage with public audiences and set up educational sessions. Seriatim also support growing communities of HR-professionals and students.

We can arrange corporate workshops and sponsored lectures targetting HR and C&B professionals. Our goal? Allow non-specialists to better grasp both in-house compensation variability and salary market spreads. No mathematical background is required. We also provide various highly specific no-strings-attached in-house educational sessions (pdf). Within a tight time frame, two to three half-days, our customers get up to speed on the very visual art of "Salary Intelligence".

Want to get the picture clear about what this "Salary Intelligence 2.0" is all about? Take the time to download and take a quick look at the kind of data-viz our customers and audiences can typically produce during or straight after our talks and educational sessions (pdf format):

Salary Metrics made simple!

Publications: We regularly publish, blog and run informal introductions to the matters of "Salary Intelligence". You will find below a series of recent LinkedIn Pulses that are specifically targetted at HR and C&B professionals. Feedback is kindly welcome!

Bear with us: English is not our native tongue. Beware that most of these posts are a quick and dirty translation from posts written in French in the first place (see below).

Should your command of business French be good enough to cope with our writing style, we recommend you preferably read our more substantial and "au courant" gallic prose:

Salary Metrics made simple!

Academia: We offer talks and formal lectures to faculty, academics and teaching staff in the field of Human Resources. Please feel free to reach out to us if you're interested in these complimentary speeches!

Contact: academia -at-

Professional communities: We regularly welcome communities of young C&B professionals and students in informal meetups. The goal is for everyone to benefit from each other's experiences and raise the level of expertise by sharing good practices and insights.

Contact: community -at-

Salary Metrics made simple!

Customer Resources (*): this software-download page is exclusively targetted at our corporate customers we are in contact with.

HR descriptive software installation packages are part and parcel of Seriatim know-how transfer actions. The access to these resources is restricted and requires specific access-rights.

Should you, as a registered user, lack this password-protected access right, please take contact with us.

(*) Restricted download - version: 14.01.9 - latest update: November 30, 2021

Salary Metrics made simple!

Contact information: You want to know a bit more about the new secret weapons of the data-scientist "2.0 HR data analyst?". We welcome contacts with corporate HR functions, university faculty and academics in the field of Human Resources, business administration and social sciences.

Feel free to send us an email, have a phone call or contact us informally on LinkedIn.

Mail: contact -at-